Hootsuite: The Holiday Cover Saviour


Whilst the weather may be betraying the fact, summer is indeed here. And with it comes ‘Holiday Cover Season’. You know how it goes:

Bob: Betty, are you in next week?
Betty: Yep.
Bob: Great – I’m on holiday next week, can you cover…

Betty panics. Oh no, what’s he going to ask me to do? Continue reading

How to create an effective PR strategy

How to create an effective PR strategy

In the midst of thinking about the perfect strategy – in terms of growing your business – you may well be thinking of a number of methods to facilitate tangible growth. Typically you will look at creating a business plan as well as looking at various mechanisms to grow revenue. A new business would also  be wise to come up with a sound marketing strategy to achieve a number of objectives. Continue reading

Getting Started on Hootsuite

Getting started on Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a fantastic platform for managing your social media activity. In fact, I think it’s impossible to stay on top of your social media without using Hootsuite. Not only for managing your platforms, but for tracking keywords and hashtags, and curating content from the web to share.

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Online strategy – How do you win the digital business war?

Online strategy - How do you win the digital business war?

We’re always clamouring over the essentials of social media and other digital skills in the modern business world, but it’s often quite difficult to tie those all together. There are a lot of ways to introduce yourself to things like social media, analytics, SEO and content – but to make the best use of them you will need to have a solid digital strategy. Continue reading

Using tools to optimise your social media output

Using tools to optimise your social media output

The idea of using social media in business is integral to success online. There has been considerable development in a very short period of time, with Twitter (arguably the most popular social network) being under 10 years old. As a result of the speed of development – it’s sometimes difficult for a business to keep up. Continue reading

7 superb speeches that will inspire you to improve your presentation skills


Awe-inspiring speeches are a rare thing and when one happens it can influence in a very powerful way. At Business Training MadeSimple we appreciate a great speech – the real and the fictional. To celebrate the launch of our new Presentations Skills Workshop, in this post we’ll look over seven memorable speeches (four of them are real and three are fictional). Perfect if you’re looking for some inspiration for your next presentation! Continue reading

A Startup’s guide to Google Apps

A Startup’s guide to Google Apps

The whole world seems to be in ‘the cloud’ these days. Almost every single aspect of our work and personal lives, is instantly accessible via a web browser. Whether that’s email for your work, a social network for your personal life – or anything else – you can bet there’s an online version. Continue reading