SEO & Blogging – How To Help Content Marketing Pay Off In Search

How To Help Content Marketing Pay Off In Search
The role of SEO is extremely important for a well-functioning business website. The world of search engine optimisation is extremely changeable, without a month or so going by without a blogger asking ‘Is SEO dead?’. But it’s usually a moot point because, as Steve Olenski wrote in Forbes “the techniques employed to improve SEO still work”. Continue reading

The Top 5 Google Analytics Tips

The Top 5 Google Analytics Tips
When it comes to business websites, you really need to measure how well it is all going. As a result, some analysis of the effectiveness of your website is required. You might be a little bit put off by the term ‘analytics’ and ‘reporting’, especially if you’re not too technically minded – but it really is essential. Continue reading

Looking for free images for your website? Find out where to get them here.

Free Images

Trying to keep your visual content fresh, professional and on tone is one of the many obstacles a business has when managing their website. If you don’t have the resources to create your own photography, finding a website (or websites) that provides free professional images is the perfect solution. We have found some great websites and thought we’d share them with you!

Continue reading

Grow your Instagram following (for free) with these 5 tips

tips for growing your instagram following

Using Instagram for business purposes can be daunting. Even if you use Instagram personally, using it strategically is totally different. It is worth putting in the effort though as the platform is now being taken just as seriously as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin when it comes to business. Continue reading

Set up a Google AdWords Campaign in 9 simple steps

adwords 9

Perhaps the most common question we get asked at our AdWords training courses is “How do I set up an AdWords campaign from scratch?”. Now at the course we do (of course) go on to explain how to do this. But just in case you’re unable to join us in London for one of our AdWords sessions – we thought we’d write a quick a blog post explaining how to do it. So here’s how to set up a Google AdWords campaign (the right way!) in seven simple steps. Continue reading

Next Webinar – What’s New in Google Adwords?

Don’t miss our next webinar streaming live below on the 22/05/15 via Google Hangouts.  

This webinar is a must see if you work with Google Adwords or want to keep up-to-date with it. It will teach you how to use some of the newest features of PPC to enhance your campaigns and improve the return on investment you get.

The webinar will cover:

– Ad extensions
– Optimising for mobile (click to call, ad layouts)
– Call tracking
– Upgrade URLs
– Remarketing

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