8 Dos and Don’ts when using Social Media for Business

Having social media as part of you company’s marketing plan is now essential for any business. However, social media must be managed effectively so it can support you business strategy. The best way to see if your social media strategy is working, is to set objectives.

For example, these could be:

• Humanise your brand
• Demonstrate knowledge
• Provide another channel for customers and potential customers to reach you

To help with your objectives I have put together some basic DOS AND DON’TS: Continue reading

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8 things to do to improve your presence on Twitter – Infographic

8 things to do on Twitter today (5)

This post was brought to you by Sarah Kerrigan (Google+) at Business Training Made Simple ,

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How to set up a Group Board on Pinterest

What is a Group Board?

A Group Board is a Board that both you and others (that you invite) can Pin to.

How do you invite people to a Board?

1. Firstly make sure you and the Pinner you want to invite are following each other
2. Go to the chosen Board and click edit
3. Under ‘Who can add Pins’ type the name or email of the Pinner you want to invite and click on their name once it appears
4. Save the changes Continue reading

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5 things for your business to Vine about

Vine is great for adding a quirky element to your company’s social media mix. Just like a video version of Instagram (the feed and layout is the same and followers interact with you in a very similar way), it allows you to create visual appetisers for your services as well as inject some personality into your content.

So what can you and your business Vine about? Here are 5 suggestions to inspire your Vine activity:

Create excitement about your product

Use quick shots of your products at extreme angles to build hype and create excitement. This helps bring the product to life and introduces your followers to your products. Continue reading

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Are LinkedIn getting rid of their Company Page Products and Services tab?

You may have heard it on the grape vine and the answer is yes, it’s true! We can

LinkedIn Showcase Pages

LinkedIn are replacing their Products and Services tab with Showcase Pages

confirm that LinkedIn are getting rid of their products and services tab as of April 14th.  You may be shocked to hear this (I know I was) but LinkedIn haven’t gone totally loopy; they are replacing the tab with ‘Showcase Pages.’

What are Showcase Pages?
In the words of LinkedIn, ‘Showcase Pages are dedicated pages that allow companies to highlight different aspects of their business and build relationships with the right community.’

In our words, Showcase Pages are individual Pages for each area of your company. For example, Virgin have multiple departments within their brand; Virgin trains, Virgin internet, Virgin holidays etc. So rather than just having a small section about each department under the old Products and Services tab, you will have the opportunity to set up a Showcase Page for each, which will allow people to follow and receive updates.

How to set up your Company Showcase Pages?
It’s easy to set up your Company Showcase Pages.  Just go to your Company Page and click on the arrow next to the edit button, then click on, ‘create a ‘Showcase Page.’

LinkedIn Showcase Pages

LinkedIn will then ask you to name the Showcase Page.

N.B. They will not let you name a Showcase Page if you already have a LinkedIn Company Page with that name. If you have multiple LinkedIn Company Pages representing each area of your company (like we do), you will need to delete these Pages if you want to turn them into Showcase Pages.

How to delete LinkedIn Company Pages
To delete a Page you need to contact LinkedIn directly. You can do that here.

N.B. Before you delete a Company Page you may want to think about how many followers you have and how you might go about moving them over to your relevant Showcase Page.

What happens to your Products and Services recommendations?
You can request a copy of these recommendations from LinkedIn until Friday 30th May. You can do that here.

What do you think of LinkedIn’s decision to replace the Products and Services tab with Showcase Pages? Let us know by commenting below.

Did you know we host a LinkedIn training course? Find out more here:

LinkedIn for Business

This post was brought to you by Sarah Kerrigan at Business Training Made Simple ,

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13 Strategy Tips for Pinners: Getting Started on Pinterest Part 2

Pinterest strategy tipsNow that your Pinterest account is set up correctly (from Part 1) it’s time to put some strategy in place. Pinterest is such a casual platform; it’s easy to sit back, relax and Pin without any goal. Don’t fall into this trap!

Here are some strategic tips to keep in mind when building your boards and growing your audience.

1. Keep your boards specific – The more specific your board title, the better. This way they’re more likely to appear in relevant search results. For example; if you’re a hair stylist, rather than calling a board ‘wedding hair’ call it ‘wedding hair for brides’. Then you can create another one called ‘wedding hair for bridesmaids’. Continue reading

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3 tips to make your YouTube channel a success

Follow our 3 tips to make your YouTube channel a success

Does your company have a YouTube channel? If not, why not? If used effectively, YouTube provides you with a platform to easily create and market visually appealing, informative (and fun!) content that your audience can really engage with. Oh, and YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.

Convinced yet? Great – here are our 3 tips to make your YouTube channel a success:

1. Compelling Content

You need to create content that captures your audience’s imagination. Inspiration can come from commonly asked questions about your services and general topics that are popular within your industry.

Here are some formats that you could follow:

Company queries/FAQ’s – What are your most frequently asked questions? Can you turn theses into short videos?

How to’s – You can connect these with FAQ’s. Think of demonstrations on how to make your service simpler.

Screencasts – This could be a weekly or monthly video about current topics/issues. For example, you could respond to common requests sent in from your other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Continue reading

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What you can measure – you can manage

To run any successful business, you need to know your numbers

Imagine you have a retail shop.

Every day, hundreds of people come through your door. Some leave immediately, some browse and pick up some of your products to take a closer look. Some leave at that point, but others place an item in their basket and continue shopping. At some stage, some of these people go to the checkout and pay, but alarmingly, some leave their basket on the shop floor and simply leave.

Of course, you don’t see any of this because you are;

• In the back-office
• On holiday
• Out at suppliers

Imagine further, someone told you they would measure all this fascinating activity for free. Continue reading

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Watch your Facebook competition with ‘Pages to Watch’

Watch your Facebook competition!

Facebook have added a new function to Pages that lets you track your competitors’ (or anyone else who you’d like to track) stats for the past week.

It’s called ‘Pages to Watch’ and it’s extremely simple to use.

The function appears above your cover photo (roughly in the middle – I would embed a screenshot but then you’d see who we’re watching). All you need to do to get started is select ‘Add Pages’, start typing the name of a Page that you want to monitor and then select ‘Done’. Simply repeat this for however many Pages you wish to watch. Continue reading

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Compelling Content Key to Business Growth

Content Matters

The days of a business relying on traditional methods of advertising such as radio, newspapers and other forms of mass marketing are a thing of the past. You can now consign this to the annals of history along with the vinyl player, VHS and the Walkman.

Businesses need to be savvier and take a much more targeted approach to the way they engage and attract new customers. Continue reading

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