Next Webinar – What’s New in Google Adwords?

Don’t miss our next webinar streaming live below on the 22/05/15 via Google Hangouts.  

This webinar is a must see if you work with Google Adwords or want to keep up-to-date with it. It will teach you how to use some of the newest features of PPC to enhance your campaigns and improve the return on investment you get.

The webinar will cover:

– Ad extensions
– Optimising for mobile (click to call, ad layouts)
– Call tracking
– Upgrade URLs
– Remarketing

Register now for our webinar series so you don’t miss out on future topics! 

Any questions? Tweet us @GetTrainedUK 

We would love to hear any suggestions of topics to talk about that would be useful to you, so please do let us know!

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Top presentation tips – How are presentation skills affecting your business?

Presentation Skills

The importance of presentation is universally accepted to be a big part of business. Image, whilst not necessarily everything, is certainly a significant factor. Continue reading

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Facebook for Business: How to manage your Tabs

Would you like to change the order of your tabs (Videos, Reviews etc) on your business’s Facebook page? Perhaps you would like to add new tabs or remove existing ones. Read on to find out how you can do this. Continue reading

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Facebook & Twitter Cover Photo Templates – 2015

In social media appearances definitely do matter. It’s important that you make sure your profile images for all your platforms are the right size and are fully optimised. Having the wrong size images can cause them to look pixelated and this can make all the difference in that split second when people decide to follow you… or not.

Making sure your social media images are fully optimised can be a task if you are unsure of the official dimensions. That’s why we have created these easy to follow image templates below for your Facebook and Twitter profile cover photos and profile picture.

Enjoy! :)

Facebook Profile Picture & Cover Photo Template


If you want to learn more about using Facebook or Twitter to market your business take a look at our training courses: Facebook for Business & Twitter for Business.

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What comes first – social media or websites?

What comes first? Social media or websites?

Social media or websites? What comes first? It’s a difficult question, not unlike the chicken or the egg dilemma.

Entrepreneurs will often start the real nitty-gritty work of their business venture with a foray onto the web. But the reality is that social platforms can often give websites a good run for their money in terms of audience and functionality – so the question of where to start is a valid one. Continue reading

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How to create a Call-to-Action on your Facebook page

Facebook CTAs

Using Facebook is a great way to keep in contact with your audience and let them know what’s going on. Your business thrives on the knowledge and information you give to your customers, whether you’re starting a sale or are hosting a special event – your customers need to know! Continue reading

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How to collect leads in Twitter for free with Twitter Cards

Did you know that you can use lead generation Twitter cards in your organic tweets as well as paid campaigns? Lead generation cards allow you to collect people’s email addresses with one click of a button. They look a bit like this… Continue reading

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How to turn your website visitors into Twitter followers

Yes you read correctly! You can bring your website visitors closer to your business by getting them to follow you on Twitter. Targeting your website visitors means you are targeting a highly relevant group of people – people who you know are interested in your business already as they have been on your website. Continue reading

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Turn those Valentine’s Day tips into Social Media tips!

Valentine’s Day: the day of the year when we’re bombarded with advice on how to be a better date/partner/whatever you want to call your relationship. Nearly everyone feels the need to dish out tips on what to wear, say and do in order to impress your loved one on February 14th. Continue reading

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